Baltimore Restaurant Week Picks

Fried S'mores dessert at Jack's Bistro in Canton. 

Fried S'mores dessert at Jack's Bistro in Canton. 


It's Baltimore Restaurant Week! From Jan. 13 - 22, you can visit top Baltimore restaurants to try two-course lunch and brunch menus for less than $20, and three-course dinner menus for $35 or less.

And with over 100 restaurants participating, it's pretty likely that at least one of the menus will catch your eye. 

I've already made plans for two restaurant week dinners, so I will follow up to let you know what place we pick and how the meal tastes (keep your fingers crossed it's delicious!). 

Liv2Eat's hangar steak.

Liv2Eat's hangar steak.

Until then, I thought I would share a few of my top picks for restaurant week. There are so many great restaurants to choose from, but I've been to these three a few times, and  at least once during a restaurant week, so I feel pretty confident recommending them.  

1. Liv2Eat, Federal Hill

The first time I tried Liv2Eat was during summer restaurant week in 2015. And it was love at first bite for every girl at our table of six.

Located in Federal Hill on Light St., Liv2Eat stands out among other local eateries for their fresh ingredients, sophisticated palate and warm ambiance -- in other words, it isn't what you expect from a Federal Hill restaurant.  

I highly recommend the salmon or hangar steak, and if you're willing to stray from the Restaurant Week menu, check out the Risotto Fritters. 

One of the many seasonal dishes offered at Wine Market Bistro (full disclosure, I can't remember what it was, but I do remember it was good).

One of the many seasonal dishes offered at Wine Market Bistro (full disclosure, I can't remember what it was, but I do remember it was good).

2. Wine Market Bistro, Riverside/Locust Point

Because The Wine Market is so close to my apartment, I've been there more than a few times. But with their constantly changing seasonal menu, it's hard to order the same dish twice. I was actually so impressed by the expansiveness of their restaurant week menu that I was almost swayed to head back there again instead of trying a new spot (we will see if I can hold out).

While The Wine Market's menu can sometimes be hard to decipher (I've found myself googling ingredients on more than one occasion) the food is always enjoyable. 

To get three courses for just $35 is such a great deal because I know I've spent upwards of $50 for three courses in the past -- plus, they're offering an additional course to split for every two patrons, how generous. One of my favorite dishes on the menu are the cornmeal oysters, yum!

Don't forget to ask their knowledgable staff about wine pairings, it is the Wine Market Bistro, after all. 

Jack's Bistro's Chocolate Mac & Cheese.

Jack's Bistro's Chocolate Mac & Cheese.

3. Jack's Bistro, Canton

What I love about Jack's Bistro is that the casual, neighborhood-feel leads you to expect nothing more than an average meal, but what they serve up is definitely beyond average.

Tucked off the main Square in Canton, Jack's menu is comprised of classic American dishes made with quality ingredients. The Chocolate Mac & Cheese definitely caught my attention, and the rest of the food made me keep coming back. 

By the way, I think everyone should try Chocolate Mac & Cheese just for the insanely gluttonous combo of chocolate and cheese. What better excuse than Restaurant Week to blow your New Years resolutions, right? 

Well, I'm sufficiently hungry... happy eating, Baltimore!