The Perfect Date Series: The Fancy Pants Date

Sometimes you just need to feel like a fancy pants… not every day, but once in a while it’s nice to dress up for a special occasion – enter, The Fancy Pants Date.

This date is a little much (and way too expensive, in my opinion), for a first date. I’d suggest this for a big anniversary or celebration; although a surprise fancy pants evening can be nice too. 

As a disclaimer, I am not nearly fancy enough to have been to these places, but I think it would make for an amazingly fancy evening. 

Sip fine wine… at Cinghiale (pronounced ching-GYAH-lay). Start off the evening at this Harbor East spot that features Italian food and wine. The restaurant is divided in two sections, Osteria, the more upscale side of the house, and Enoteca, the more casual wine bar section. Enoteca has an extensive wine selection (over 600 choices) and was named one of the best in the country by Food and Wine magazine. The list combined with their knowledgeable staff will help you make the best/fanciest pick. Pair your wine with one of their award winning charcuterie boards for a light snack before the main course. 

Dine in style… right across the street at another Cindy Wolf restaurant, Charleston. Charleston is on just about every top Baltimore restaurant list that has ever existed, and won the number one spot in 2012 from Baltimore magazine. The menu may be constantly changing, but the flavors remain true to their low country roots. Charleston also one-ups their neighbor, Cinghiale by having an 800+ label wine list (show offs…). Be prepared for sticker shock, as you can expect to spend about $100 a person for your meal. But you can’t put a price tag on feelin’ fancy. 

If you still have a penny to your name… walk over to Wit and Wisdom in the Four Seasons hotel for a night cap. The bar sits right on the Baltimore Inner Harbor, making the views as impressive as their cocktails.