Best Bars for watching the Baltimore Ravens Game

Sometimes you want to use a Ravens game as an excuse to party… other times you are looking for the comradery of your fellow fans, or maybe you just want an excuse not to make dinner. Whatever your mood, there’s a Ravens Bar to match.

Match your mood to your bar:

Don't Know's Bloody Mary

Don't Know's Bloody Mary

I'm in the mood to... make brunch last all day

Don’t Know, Federal Hill
Get to Don’t Know early for Brunch on Sunday and snag one of their larger tables in the back by the projector (plus views of a bunch of other TVs with different games). Their bottomless mimosas only last until 1 p.m. on game days, but you can take advantage of other specials. I love Don’t Know so much I’ve been for brunch and ended up staying for so many games that I ended up eating dinner there too. Check it out for yourself (just don’t steal my table :p )

Game Day Specials: $14 Miller Lite Buckets, $3 Miller Drafts, $15 Miller Lite Tower, $20 Blue Moon or Leinenkugal tower


I'm in the mood to... watch the game with locals

City Limits, Locust Point
City Limits is one of those little places that makes you feel like a local, even if you’re not. Their staff is super friendly, their food is good and their drinks are reasonably priced. It’s also usually pretty calm, so you can actually pay attention to the game, which is a plus. 

Game Day Specials: $3 Miller Lite Bottles, $15 Miller Lite Buckets

I'm in the mood to... pretend I’m watching the game in Germany

Das Bier Haus, Federal Hill
Das Bier Haus is everyone’s new favorite bar… including me. It’s just a cool concept, their staff is great and the novelty of “big beers” hasn’t worn off on me yet. It can get pretty crowded, so if you’re looking for a good spot to watch the game, head here early on.

I'm in the mood to... drink fancy/many beers

Max’s Taphouse, Fells Point
Max’s has tons of TVs, even more beer options, and somehow everyone I’ve ever met there is super friendly and personable. It’s a great choice for watching the game in Fells.


I'm in the mood to... watch the game at a sports bar

Baltimore Ravens M&T Bank Stadium

Looney’s, Canton
Looney’s is pretty much your stereotypical sports bar. They have pool tables, your standard beers and a ton of TVs to make sure you can watch “The” game, or any other games that are critical to the success of your Fantasy Football team. Plus their wings don’t suck, either.

Game Day Specials: Game Day Menu all Day


I'm in the mood to... party like I'm still in college

Purple Patio patrons. 

Purple Patio patrons. 

Mothers Purple Patio, Federal Hill
I’m a big believer that everyone should go to the Purple Patio at least once, but you have to be in the right mindset. The Purple Patio is great if you’re in the mood to party and don’t care about paying close attention to the game. Sure, Mother’s has TVs everywhere, so it’s not hard to find a spot to watch the action, but you’re likely to be distracted by the following items:

  • The DJ
  • The 1,000+ people surrounding you
  • Running into at least 3 other people that you know
  • The slippery, beer-covered ground
  • The tents of alcohol
  • Asking yourself, “why is that girl dressed for Coachella on game day?”
  • Your own level of inebriation to handle the aforementioned items... just kidding

That being said, it can be really fun! It always feels exciting because there are so many people there and it’s kind of “the” place to be on game day. 

Game Day Specials:  $30 all you can drink bloodies, crushes, and beers, plus one food item. Valid on the Purple Patio for the four hours before any Ravens home game.


I'm in the mood to... stay close to the action

Game, Federal Hill (maybe, I'm not really sure what the area around the Casino is considered)
If you’ve spent the morning tailgating and don’t want to stray too far from the stadium, Game is a great option.  The space is huge, and they have a lot of fun bar and arcade games that you can play during halftime (or during one of the million commercial breaks).


I'm in the mood to... root against the Ravens

If you have made the terrible life choice to root for a team other than the Ravens, these local bars have so generously stepped up and are willing to take you in until you find salvation as a Ravens fan.

  • New York Giants – Smaltimore
  • Philadelphia Eagles - Magerks
  • Washington Redskins – Wiley Gunther’s
  • Carolina Panthers – Tin Roof, Power Plant
  • Green Bay Packers – Abbey Burger (Fells)
  • Buffalo Bills – Myth and Moonshine, Stalking Horse
  • New England Patriots – Canton Dockside
  • Cleveland Browns – El Bufalo
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – Todd Conners