Baltimore Restaurant Week at SoBo Cafe

If you haven't taken advantage of the Baltimore Restaurant Week deals going on through August 10, you're missing out! Last night my friends and I walked over to SoBo Cafe on Cross Street in Federal Hill.


We selected SoBo for a few reasons:

  • I've heard great reviews from friends
  • My roommate Amanda is a self-proclaimed "picky eater," but she saw quite a few things she liked on the menu
  • And Sobo was considerably less expensive for dinner than most of the other restaurants on the list--just $20 for three courses, compared to $30 at most of the other restaurants. 

We started off the meal with a few drinks: the watermelon crush tasted very fresh and not too sweet; the mojito was perfect, and I wish I would have ordered that drink for myself; and the white sangria was good, although a bit bitter for some of our tastes. What was unique about the mojito and watermelon crush was that they were both made with pinot grigio, not something I was expecting, but very good. SoBo is also offering beer ($10) and wine ($12) flight deals as part of Restaurant Week. 

For our starter, three out of the four of us ordered the heirloom tomato salad, which was absolutely delicious. The wedge of iceberg lettuce was dressed with bacon, blue cheese and fresh tomatoes. The fourth diner got the mac & cheese, which I didn't have the opportunity to taste, but it looked delicious and got rave reviews.

For the main course I chose the Heirloom Tomato Farfalle--can you tell I like heirloom tomatoes? The homemade pasta was dressed in a garlic cream sauce, with zucchini and tomatoes. It was a great mix with the richness of the sauce and the fresh vegetables, although the portion was very small (thankfully I still had dessert to look forward to). The other diners at the table ordered the Korean Chicken Fried Steak (the bite I had was great), chicken pot pie (with the most delicious flaky crust on top) and the Dry Rubbed Bavette Steak. They all looked beautiful, but the pot pie really stood out, and I plan to get it on my next visit. 

For dessert we all chose the strawberry shortcake. My decision was heavily influenced by the menu's claim of "best biscuit in Baltimore." And I have to say that the biscuit did not disappoint--it was the best combination of salty and sweet. The biscuit was topped with fresh whipped cream, basil and, of course, strawberries. I did wish there were a few more strawberries, but it was near perfect. 

What I loved about my experience at SoBo was that the food was extremely fresh and made in-house. Would I go back? Absolutely. And I recommend you visit before August 10th to enjoy the restaurant week menu.