Urban Adventuring in Baltimore with Dare Theory (plus save 15% on registration)

I've always loved scavenger hunts. On my last scavenger hunt one of the items on the list was "take a bite out of a stranger's meal."  I could not believe my eyes when another team member walked right into a restaurant, picked up someone else's burger, took a huge bite and walked out--didn't even say a word. I was only thinking of asking someone if I could have a fry. I definitely don't condone that kind that kind of behavior, but think of the story the people dining will have to tell for years to come... "I was just sitting there when a boy came and stole my burger!" 

The only issue with scavenger hunts is that they can be really hard to organize on your own, so I was really excited when my friend Megan, shared Dare Theory on her blog Soup of the Day

Dare Theory is similar to a scavenger hunt, in that you have a bunch of tasks, or "dares" to accomplish within just a few hours. Dares can be anything from "arm wrestle a stranger" to "let a dog lick your face" to "do the YMCA as a group in public." Your team documents your dares throughout the day, and the team who completes the most is named winner.  

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 7.25.47 PM.png

Honestly it looks like a ton of fun (check out the video above). I'm planning on signing up--anyone want to join my team?

Dare Theory will be held in Baltimore on August 16. Tickets are on sale for $20, but you can get 15% off by using the code "BAIL15" when you register. To register, visit the Dare Theory's website