6 Reasons to love Natty Boh

He's a Baltimore mascot

I know, I know, "it's not even brewed in Baltimore anymore...." I don't really care, Boh has become as much of a symbol of Baltimore as the Oriole bird or the raven. I love seeing his face on the back of windshields, on T-shirts and from 95 on my drive to work, it lets me know I'm home. 

He's responsible for the six-pack

The first-ever six pack of beer was courtesy of the National Bohemian Brewing company. Can you imagine life without six packs?

He has a personality

I spend a lot of time sitting in traffic on my commute to work, but seeing Natty Boh from 95 always makes me happy, despite rush hour. What other city has a giant sign with a man who winks at them? 


He can get you drunk, and for just a few bucks

If you're in Baltimore and you're going to drink a light beer please do not choose Natural light, bud light, or any other light beer. Choose Boh. It tastes better and typically costs less. In fact, even if you don't choose Boh, never, ever, choose Natty light. Under no circumstances is that a good choice. 


He's quite dapper

The mustache, the bow tie, the suit... he's quite the gentleman. That UTZ girl is one lucky lady. 


He's the perfect companion for a bushel of crabs

Something about the combination of Natty Boh and Maryland Crabs is magical. Natty Boh and Old Bay are the peanut butter and jelly of Baltimore. If you're craving the combo, but don't have the crabs, try a bohtini. Just rim an glass with Old Bay and fill it with Natty Boh.


He's entertaining

Beer and a game? I can't be the only one who loves the puzzles on the bottom of the Natty Boh caps. They keep me entertained for hours, or at least a few minutes til I open the next beer.