10 Baltimore Groupons you should buy

Like most people, I love a good deal. I get this rush like I'm getting away with something when I get something for half price! So it's not surprising that that I regularly visit the sites Groupon and LivingSocial to get deals in Baltimore. 

There have been some really great deals on the site recently. I can't vouch for all of them, since I've only taken advantage of a few so far, but I think that these are the best Groupons for Baltimoreans right now. 


1. Brunch or Dinner at Creme Restaurant & Lounge - $29

I have been to Creme for brunch twice now, and both times it was great. Their brunch menu offers all the usual breakfast favorites, personally I'm a fan of the Chicken and Waffles, and The Harbor (eggs Benedict with crab), plus you get unlimited mimosas with the deal, so drink up! The room is open, and while it has a cool vibe, it's also very loud, especially when everyone's a bit buzzed off the mimosas. Other than that I think it's a great deal. After eating be sure to walk down the street and check out the Walter's Art Museum. 


2. Two-hour Murder Mystery Dinner for two at Ikaros- $58

This is a Groupon I've been seeing for awhile that I really want to try. I've made it to Ikaros for dinner before and it was great! My only regret was not getting the crab cake. For a few bucks more than the price of dinner, you can get a show. The Murder Mystery dinner looked like a lot of fun (I snuck a peek while I was there), people were laughing and really getting into the show. If you're not up for a show, you can also buy a Groupon just for dinner. The deal is $16 for $30 worth of Greek food. 


3. The Ultimate Urban Scavenger Race - $25

Nine times out of 10 my advice is to stay away from PowerPlant Live. That place is awful. But this Scavenger Hunt actually sounds like a lot of fun. The website says that the scavenger hunt is similar to the Amazing Race, but you'll be racing around Baltimore instead of the globe. It's a combination of a 5k and scavenger hunt, so you'll need brains and brawn to win the $300 prize. The race begins May 18th at 2 p.m.


4. Two Hours of Bowling and Shoe Rental for Two at AMF Bowling Co. - $17

Usually I try to highlight local businesses, but I really love bowling and there are so few local allies, so I had to add this to the list. For $17 you get shoes and two hours of bowling at one of their Baltimore-area locations: Pikesville, Dundalk or Pasadena. 


5. Painting Event at a Local Pub - $25

This Groupon deal seems like a really fun girl's night idea. For $25 you select a local bar or restaurant and what you want to learn to paint. I've seen Paint Night's happening before and it looks like a lot of fun! I have been impressed by how well the paintings have turned out in the past. This Groupon's definitely worth trying if you want to channel your inner artist.


6. Wine and Cheese Pairing for Two at Gitan Bistro Cru - $19

I've never been to Gitan Bistro Cru, but the reviews I've read online give it high praise. The bistro is located in Canton and looks like it's more of a local, neighborhood hangout than some of the places closer to the square. I think this one's worth a shot. You're drinking wine and eating cheese, which is what I like to call "living the dream."


7. Haunted-History Walking Tour for Two - $25

For some reason I always feel really safe walking around in Baltimore city (which goes against everything I learned while watching The Wire), but I'm pretty sure that after taking a haunted-history tour my sense of safety would go out the window. According to Groupon the tour will share stories of our city's haunted past and you'll even get to use paranormal equipment to track down ghosts. I picked this one because there's really no way to lose, either this is actually really scary and you will become a true believer in the afterlife OR you will find the whole night hilarious as you use what I imagine is pretty similar to a metal detector to see if Edgar Allan Poe is on your tour.  For $25, why not?


8. Five Hot-Yoga Classes at Bikram Yoga Baltimore - $15

If you're looking to get in touch with your spiritual side in a more universally recognized way than the ghost tour, check out the Hot-Yoga classes at Bikram Yoga. The rooms get really hot, upwards of 90 degrees, but a lot of people swear by it, so I'm willing to give it a shot. Anyone want to be my safety buddy in case I pass out?


9. Wades Point Inn on the Bay - St. Michaels, MD - $135

This one's not in the city, but if you live in the Baltimore-area and want to take an overnight trip, I've heard nothing but great things about St. Michaels. The Wades Point Inn sits right on the water and has beautiful porches to take in the views. 


10. Three-Hour Dinner Cruise for One on Sunday–Thursday, Friday, or Saturday at "Spirit of Baltimore" - $49

I have always wanted to do one of these dinner cruises, and now seems like the time! This cruise is 40% off the regular price. Warm weather, beautiful views of the harbor and dinner... sounds perfect!


Share your Groupon recommendations below!