Day Trip: Liberty Mountain Resort

One of my favorite things about Baltimore is that it’s only a short drive to so many other great places; cities like D.C., NYC and Philadelphia, and tons of beautiful beaches and mountains. So I’m introducing a new series of posts called “Day Trip” that will focus on some of the awesome places to visit within just a few hours of the city.

This weekend, I spent the day at Liberty Mountain Resort, in Carroll Valley, Pennsylvania—only about an hour and a half drive from Baltimore. The mountain features 16 ski and snowboard trails and a snow tubing park.

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I’m not a big skier; I’ve probably been ten times in my entire life, so I would still consider myself a beginner, which became obvious in the rental shop when I had to have two people help me put on my ski boots…. But the staff was very nice and helpful, and eventually I had the right size boots and skis to "hit the slopes!"

The beginner runs (labeled with green circles) are great for novice skiers and boarders, but because I went on a Saturday the place was packed! At one point I waited in line for 30 minutes to get on the lift for the bunny slope. There were so many people that navigating the narrow runs (filled with low ability skiers) became a bit trying. Luckily, after about 4 p.m., the place cleared out and the lines shortened dramatically. As the sun set the combination of thousands of skiiers, sunshine, no new snow and the dropping temperature made the runs pretty icy, but still manageable.

After spending the afternoon skiing and waiting in line, I headed inside to the lodge, which hosts two coffee bars, a pizza restaurant and a food court area. As expected, everything was overpriced… particularly the Starbucks coffee which had doubled in price ($3.50 for a tall regular coffee!?). The lodge was packed, but it was warm and it was nice to take a break from the cold.

The worst part about skiing is the cost. A full day lift ticket with rentals is $112 on weekends and $104 during midweek.  To see a full list of pricing, click here.  

It was a fun way to spend a Saturday and I didn’t fall once the entire day!