Groupon Review: Happy on Hooves Trail Ride

Back in July, I bought a horseback riding Groupon for Happy on Hooves in Hampstead (about 45 minutes north of Baltimore).  I had never been horseback riding before and it seemed like a fun date idea, so I spent $49 on the trail ride for two. I made the mistake of not checking the availability prior to purchasing; the first weekend day available wasn’t until late September. When the day finally arrived, the forecast was for rain so we had to reschedule. The next available weekend date wasn’t until after Christmas, but I took what I could get and made the reservation.

After holding onto the Groupon for nearly six months, and with the expiration date quickly approaching, we went on our trail ride. We actually got very lucky that it was a sunny day and about 45 degrees. The woman who was our trail guide was very nice but didn’t provide much direction, despite letting her know that this was my first time riding.

Our guide assigned me Millie, an older horse who was more interested in eating her dinner than going on the trail ride. I completely understand that horses are animals with their own will, but this horse was comically disobedient. The trail guide let me know that Millie doesn’t like some of the paths and prefers to go through bushes and trees instead, she also has dry skin and crushed my leg as she itched her body against a tree. Despite my best efforts, she would not listen to me, and I spent the majority of the ride significantly behind everyone else. MEANWHILE, my boyfriend is on a beautiful white steed, trotting through streams and over hills, looking like Prince Charming.

All jokes aside, it was a nice ride. Despite all the trouble I had controlling my horse, I actually felt the ride was a bit shorter than I would have liked. In total, the ride lasted about 40 minutes. If you’re an experienced rider I would imagine that you would find the trail a bit boring, but if you’re new to horseback riding this is probably a good place to start.

I would give the experience 3 out of 5 stars. I would like to try horseback riding again, but with more direction, a longer trail ride and a more obedient horse.